Monday, November 24, 2014

2014 Art Charm Exchange

I am happy to be participating again in the art charm exchange and auction to benefit
Beads of Courage.  This year the theme was "SOAR" and that we did!  I love the element
 of surprise when the box holding the charms arrives in the mail.  I made a double batch of
 charms so I would receive even more charms in return!
This is what I received!  Aren't they great?  My art charms were made by
Toltec Jewels, Susan Delphine Delaney, Cassi Paslick, Nan Smith, Monique Urquhart,
 Cianci Blue,  Caroline at Blue Berri Beads, Terri Del Signore, Culturezine, Jami Shipp,
Sue Beads, Windbent, Lesley Watt, Silver Niknats, Nancy Dale, Melissa
 Trudinger and Jenny Davies-Reazor.
I designed a blue ceramic bird charm with a heart wing, the word "SOAR", with it
flying high above the clouds.  I made this necklace with it:
To raise money for Beads of Courage, our wonderful hostess, Jennifer Cameron,
photographs and lists art charms on ebay to be auctioned off.  Please visit the listings at
Please hop around all the participating artist blogs to see and learn more about the wonderful art charms created...all for a great cause!
2014 Art Charm Exchange Participants

Jenny Davies-Reazor:
Lennis Carrier:


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Octoberfest 2014 Blog Hop

Living in sunny Southwest Florida, it barely seems like fall.  But go into any store, and you are reminded by all the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas merchandise!  I grew up near Buffalo, New York, so the change in seasons is something that made my childhood special.  But with that comes snow....and that's a whole different blog post!
I have been playing with a new clay.  I call it chocolate clay, because that's what it reminds me of after being fired at cone 5.  Most of my beads are made from low fire white clay.  I like the bright colors I can achieve with that.  Normally my style is very whimsical.  But with this new clay, my work has taken on a more earthy and natural look.
For my autumn pair of earrings, I textured the chocolate clay with a floral design and cut 2 small squares.  I hand rolled two 10mm spacer balls for accents.  I chose an earthy brown glaze that highlights the texture.  I added 4 antique bronze saucers and 20mm wire to pull my design together.  I can't wait to wear them!
Visit my etsy shop at to see more of my ceramic beads.  Thank you to our blog hop hostess, Rita from Toltec Jewels!!  And please visit all the other blogs to see lots more lovely autumn jewelry designs!
Toltec Jewels                            Jewel School Friends (hostess)

Dini Bruinsma                 

Marybeth Rich                          http:/

Mary Govaars                 

Mischelle Andrade-Fanucchi

Karin Grosset Grange     

Andrea Zenith Glick        

Nan Smith                      

Linda Anderson                        http://CherryOnTopDesign.Co

Becky Pancake              

Melissa Trudinger           

Lennis Carrier                

Sue Kennedy                 

Kim Dworak                  

Jo-Ann Woolverton        

Jennifer Reno                 

Veralynne Malone           

Lori Schneider                

Shaiha Williams              

Alisa Siceloff                  

Pam Traub                     

Cryss Thain                    

Maria Lourdes Rios       

Kathy Lindemer             

Carolyn Lawson            

Blanca Medina              

Debbie Rasmussen        

Heather Richter             

Kathleen Breeding         

Carol Dillman                

Chris Eisenberg             

Rebecca Sirevaag          

Sam Waghorn                

Sherri Stokey                 

Gina Hockett                 

Michelle McCarthy        

Michelle Buettner           

Dana Hickey                  

Claire Fabian                   

Cynthia Abner                

Renetha Stanziano          

Jami Shipp                     


Gloria Allen                    

Lisa Johnson                   

Marde Lowe                  

Monique Urquhart          

Jill Bradley                      

Toni Gifford                    

Shawnda D'Arcy            

RaMona Woolson          

Esterina Jagiella              

Sandra McGriff              

Mary McGraw               

Alenka Obid                  

Marianne Baxter            

Ann Schroeder              

Inge von Roos                

Robin Reed                    

Suzanne Berk                 

Mowse Doyle                

Diana Miglionico Shiraishi


Andrea Rivers                

Janine Lucas                  

Tanya McGuire              

Anindita Basu                

Mitzie Crider                 

Deb Fortin                     

Cynthia Kent Machata   

Cheri Reed                    

Laurel Hanson               

Ingrid Anderson            

Karla Morgan                

Lori Anderson               

Louise Mccormick-Glazier

Jasvanti Patel                

Susan Kelly                            http://

Lee Koopman              

Carol Briody                

Kathy Lindemer          

Renetha Stanziano      

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Anchors Aweigh Design Challenge

I had a lot of fun brain storming on what to design with the 2 ceramic anchor charms
created by Diana P. of Suburban Girl Studio.  Of course having 2 charms and having 2 ears,
should I make a pair of earrings?  Nooooo.....let's get creative with the challenge.  So I
started digging though my sea life themed bead drawer and I happened to have 2 more sets
 of Diana's charms.  A pair of sail boats and a pair of scallop shells.  I designed a few
charms of my own to coordinate with the colors of Diana's.  I made a ceramic nautilus
 shell, octopus, crab and a seahorse.  This fun sea life charm bracelet started coming to life!
I cut 7" of open link antique copper chain and attached a toggle clasp to each end.  I
wanted plenty of bling, so I chose matching antique copper crystals and 4mm round spacer
balls.  I spaced the charm components out every 3 links and made smaller dangles on
headpins to fill in the open links. I love my new bracelet and I hope you do, too!
 A big THANK YOU to Rita from Toltec Jewels for being our
blog hop challenge hostess.  Please visit the following jewelry designers blogs
to see what they created with their anchor charms!

Diana's Shop:                           Suburban Girl Beads
Diana's Blogs:                          Suburban Girl Studio
                                                 Art Jewelry Elements
Hostess: TJ                               Jewel School Friends
Bobbie Rafferty                         Beadsong Jewelry
Chris Eisenberg                         Wanderware
Heather Richter                         Desert Jewelry Designs
Kathy Lindemer                         Bay Moon Design
Dini Bruinsma                            Angaza by Changes
Cynthia Machata                       Antiquity Travelers
Kathleen Breeding                     99 Bottles of Beads on the Wall
Linda Younkman                       Lindy's Designs
Robin Reed                                  Artistry HCBD
Marla Gibson                              Spice Box Designs
Gina Hockett                               Freestyle Elements
Renetha Stanziano                      Lamplight Crafts
Marianne Baxter                          Simply Seablime Jewelry        
Christina Miles                             Wings N Scales
Marybeth Rich                            A Few Words from Within the Pines
Shai Williams                              Shaiha's Ramblings
Cheri Reed                                  Creative Designs by Cheri
Monique Urquhart                      A Half-Baked Notion
Jennifer Reno                             Musings of a Crafty Jenny
Shirley Moore                             Beads and Bread
Tammy Adams                           Paisley Lizard
Melissa Trudinger                       Bead Recipes
If you'd like to see more of my ceramic bead creations, please visit my etsy store

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Haberdashery Blog Hop

What exactly does Haberdashery mean?
In this blog hop, the participants are to design a piece of jewelry inspired by sewing. 
Sewing notions include cloth, thread, yarn, trims, button, zippers, etc.  I found a fun fiber
 pack from my scrapbooking days that I used for my necklace inspiration.
The 10 separate fibers were separated into a group of 8 and I used my Kumihimo disc
to make a 12" rope.  I am a ceramic bead artist, so with clay I made 2 cones to hide
the ends of the rope.  I also made the focal hibiscus pendant.
I thought it looked neat to leave the loose fiber ends overflowing the top of the
ceramic cones.  I used a piece of 20g antique copper wire to attach the rope to the
chain pieces that end with a chunky toggle.  In the middle of the rope, I used thread
and sewed the pendant onto the rope.  I put a piece of wire on the back of the pendant like
a button shank so it would lay flat.  It took me 2 tries to get it in the middle!

Thank you to our blog hostess, Melissa Trudinger, for coming up with this unique
and fun hop!  Please check out what all the participants have come up with!  If you'd
like to see more of my ceramic beads, please visit
Melissa Trudinger                                 

Ann Schroeder                                       

Tammy Adams                                      

Amanda Wacasey                                 

Dolores Raml                                          

Divya N                                                   

Michelle McCarthy                               
DiYana Brooks                                       

Robin Kae Reed                                     

Andrea Glick                                          

Karin Grosset Grange                           

Mitzie Crider                                          

Janine Lucas                                            <-- font="" on="" post="" sunday="" will="">

Rosantia Petkova                                 

Susan Kennedy                                      

Leithleach Alainn Seodra      

Kathleen Breeding                                

Shiraz Biggie                                          

Chris Eisenberg                                     
Heather Richter                                    

Lennis Carrier                                        

Rebecca Anderson                               

Jenny Kyrlach                                         

Rita Toltec Jewels                                

Mischelle Fanucci                                 

Karen Mitchell                                       

Carol Briody                                           

Karla Morgan                                        

Carolyn Lawson                                    

Lori Anderson                                        
Jami Shipp                                              

Lili Krist                                                   

Evelyn Shelby                                         

Raissa de Guzman                                

Niky Sayers                                            

Keren Panthaki                                      

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael's Beading Challenge

I always love a good challenge!  Especially when it comes to jewelry design.
Do you ever feel like your jewelry looks the same, but with maybe a different pendant?
I rut is designing with blue.  It's my go to color.  And sea life....what's not to love?
I found out about this challenge on Facebook.  I really enjoy Lorelei's and
Heather's designs,  our challenge hostesses.  I took a picture of the chosen beads, wrote
 down the SKU numbers and went shopping to the Michael's store in Port Charlotte,
Florida.   I found the first couple of strands no problem.  I can't say that for all of them! 
I found "similar" styles and colors, so I threw them into my shopping basket.  The strand
 that is the most unique  to the challenge is the hot pink beads.  They are a little bigger...
but they are pretty!

We could add 2 more bead styles to our design.  I was inspired by the wood beads and the
flower beads, so I went with a nature theme.  My owl face, swirl bead and faceted bead are
my ceramic components.  For those of you first meeting me, I am a ceramic bead artist,
 so it's a must  that my design is centered around my handmade beads!  The second
 component I chose was gold metal chain, clasp and spacer beads.  I went with the gold
accent  on the blue glass beads.    I usually reach for silver accents with blue.
The last blog hop I participated in was all about waxed linen.  I have fallen in love
with the stuff!  I used a turquoise waxed linen to string the beads onto.  After tying
an overhand knot onto my owl face, I had 4 strands on each side.  I strung different
beads on each strand, twisted them, added the ceramic accent and tied them to the chain. 
 I also put my oversized lobster claw clasp on the side instead of the back....just because
 I thought it was cool and didn't want to hide it.
I hope you like my design!  I had fun with this challenge.  If you'd like to see more
of my beads, please visit my etsy shop at

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Linen Design Blog Hop

Ceramic Paisley Waxed Linen Necklace and Earring Set
I am excited to be experimenting more with new jewelry making supplies, and waxed linen is one that I am really enjoying.  It takes away the worry that your wire crimps won't hold up.  I also sell my jewelry in many gift shops and galleries, and every now and then, a customer will break a necklace by attempting to pull apart your toggle closure.  Not cool!
I am a ceramic bead artist, so my first step was deciding which pendant and glaze I wanted to design with.  I love my new paisley and I am a blue fan, so I chose Blue Lotus glaze by Mayco.  It has a fun brown crystal burst which gave me my second color inspiration.  Plus, I like the way wood looks with the ceramic, so that's what I used as my accents, along with some 8mm hand rolled ceramic spacer beads glazed to match the pendant.  My favorite metal color is antique copper, so I reached for some chain and a lobster claw clasp to finish the necklace.  I also wanted a pair of earrings to match.  Here is my tray of beady goodness before I sat down to create the finished designs.
While designing the necklace, I though it would look nice to have some vertical drops, so I did add 4 more ceramic spacer beads glazed in Caribbean Blue to the mix.  Here's what I came up with....and I love it!  I hope you do, too.
Thank you to Diana P. from Suburban Girl Studios for being our blog hop hostess!  She also makes gorgeous ceramic beads.  I am the proud owner of quite a few of them!  Please hop around to visit the other participants blogs and see what they designed.  If you'd like to design with my ceramic paisley pendant, they can be found in my etsy shop at
Diana Ptaszynski  

Kelsy Vincent

Susan Kennedy

Linda Landig

Kashmira Patel
Jenny Davies-Reazor

Vanessa Gilkes

Sandy Huntress
Kay Thomerson

Sarajo Wentling

Kari Asbury

Rebecca Anderson

Melissa Trudinger

Ann Schroeder

Shai Williams

Blanca Medina

Cheryl Brown

Johana Nunez Rivera

Lori Bowring Michaud
Kelly Morgan
Barbara Bechtel
Kristen Stevens
Heather Boardman

Janet Bocciardi

Kathy Lindemer

Lesley Watt

Susan Kolovson

Jayne Capps

Cynthia Deis
Erin Siegel
Becky Pancake
Kelly Hosford Patterson
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson
Inge von Roos
Linda Younkman
Sandi Volpe

Toltec Jewels

Michelle Mach

Jen Cameron

Dorothy Winchell

Darlene Mansue