Saturday, August 2, 2014

Haberdashery Blog Hop

What exactly does Haberdashery mean?
In this blog hop, the participants are to design a piece of jewelry inspired by sewing. 
Sewing notions include cloth, thread, yarn, trims, button, zippers, etc.  I found a fun fiber
 pack from my scrapbooking days that I used for my necklace inspiration.
The 10 separate fibers were separated into a group of 8 and I used my Kumihimo disc
to make a 12" rope.  I am a ceramic bead artist, so with clay I made 2 cones to hide
the ends of the rope.  I also made the focal hibiscus pendant.
I thought it looked neat to leave the loose fiber ends overflowing the top of the
ceramic cones.  I used a piece of 20g antique copper wire to attach the rope to the
chain pieces that end with a chunky toggle.  In the middle of the rope, I used thread
and sewed the pendant onto the rope.  I put a piece of wire on the back of the pendant like
a button shank so it would lay flat.  It took me 2 tries to get it in the middle!

Thank you to our blog hostess, Melissa Trudinger, for coming up with this unique
and fun hop!  Please check out what all the participants have come up with!  If you'd
like to see more of my ceramic beads, please visit
Melissa Trudinger                                 

Ann Schroeder                                       

Tammy Adams                                      

Amanda Wacasey                                 

Dolores Raml                                          

Divya N                                                   

Michelle McCarthy                               
DiYana Brooks                                       

Robin Kae Reed                                     

Andrea Glick                                          

Karin Grosset Grange                           

Mitzie Crider                                          

Janine Lucas                                            <-- font="" on="" post="" sunday="" will="">

Rosantia Petkova                                 

Susan Kennedy                                      

Leithleach Alainn Seodra      

Kathleen Breeding                                

Shiraz Biggie                                          

Chris Eisenberg                                     
Heather Richter                                    

Lennis Carrier                                        

Rebecca Anderson                               

Jenny Kyrlach                                         

Rita Toltec Jewels                                

Mischelle Fanucci                                 

Karen Mitchell                                       

Carol Briody                                           

Karla Morgan                                        

Carolyn Lawson                                    

Lori Anderson                                        
Jami Shipp                                              

Lili Krist                                                   

Evelyn Shelby                                         

Raissa de Guzman                                

Niky Sayers                                            

Keren Panthaki