Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael's Beading Challenge

I always love a good challenge!  Especially when it comes to jewelry design.
Do you ever feel like your jewelry looks the same, but with maybe a different pendant?
I rut is designing with blue.  It's my go to color.  And sea life....what's not to love?
I found out about this challenge on Facebook.  I really enjoy Lorelei's and
Heather's designs,  our challenge hostesses.  I took a picture of the chosen beads, wrote
 down the SKU numbers and went shopping to the Michael's store in Port Charlotte,
Florida.   I found the first couple of strands no problem.  I can't say that for all of them! 
I found "similar" styles and colors, so I threw them into my shopping basket.  The strand
 that is the most unique  to the challenge is the hot pink beads.  They are a little bigger...
but they are pretty!

We could add 2 more bead styles to our design.  I was inspired by the wood beads and the
flower beads, so I went with a nature theme.  My owl face, swirl bead and faceted bead are
my ceramic components.  For those of you first meeting me, I am a ceramic bead artist,
 so it's a must  that my design is centered around my handmade beads!  The second
 component I chose was gold metal chain, clasp and spacer beads.  I went with the gold
accent  on the blue glass beads.    I usually reach for silver accents with blue.
The last blog hop I participated in was all about waxed linen.  I have fallen in love
with the stuff!  I used a turquoise waxed linen to string the beads onto.  After tying
an overhand knot onto my owl face, I had 4 strands on each side.  I strung different
beads on each strand, twisted them, added the ceramic accent and tied them to the chain. 
 I also put my oversized lobster claw clasp on the side instead of the back....just because
 I thought it was cool and didn't want to hide it.
I hope you like my design!  I had fun with this challenge.  If you'd like to see more
of my beads, please visit my etsy shop at