Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love Art Charm Swap and Benefit

I have really been enjoying swaps, blog hops and donating to benefits lately.  Sure....I love to create, and yes, it is good marketing for my business.  But the best reason to get involved, is it's FUN!!!!
This swap was all about LOVE.  When I think about love, a heart comes to mind, so I created a cute little ceramic heart.  I love the "Key to my Heart" sentiment, so that is what the finished charms theme would be.  A key symbolizes home, and home = family, and family = love.  Plus, I travel almost every weekend to art and bead shows, so I really appreciate the time I can spend at home.
Thank you to Jennifer Cameron for being our swap hostess.  There are over 40 participants that you can hop around with on their blogs.  The links are below.  At the very bottom of my post is an Ebay link where you can bid to win a charm from every artist!  How cool is that?  And the money raised will be donated to Beads of Courage.  They help ease the pain of being hospitalized through creativity time with beads.  I love that!
Here is what I received and one of my "Key to my Heart" charms was returned to me.
Now what could I create with these fun, loveable charms?  A charm bracelet!
Please check out the rest of my swap friends blogs, enjoy and bid!

Caroline Dewison:
Charlene Bausinger Jacka:






  1. I love the key to your heart sentiment, too! I am a steampunk fan as well, so keys always make me smile. :) Beautiful charm, and what a lovely bracelet you made with all the charms!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful design with us, Michelle... you are clever to have already put everything together as a bracelet!

  3. Look at you! You've already made a charm bracelet!!! Thanks so much for participating! I really love the meaning behind your charm.

  4. i am crazy about your charm! I love to hold it in my hand.

    Your charm bracelet is PERFECT. Go you!

    Susan Delphine Delaney

  5. What a great theme for your charm and I love the color and shape of your ceramic heart. Wonderful job. - Julie

  6. Love that you have already made something with your charms! I love your charm no picture does it justice, It must be in hand to see all its beauty!! Glad to have one!! Jean

  7. I was thinking charm bracelet, but now I'm thinking charm (kitchen sink) necklace.

  8. Oh, you've already used all your charms ~ beautiful! I was thinking to create an eclectic necklace with this year and last year's charms :) Love your key!

  9. Beautiful charm and beautiful bracelet!

  10. Michelle, your charm bracelet is so colorful, eclectic, and beautiful! It will be fun to wear! I'm a big fan of charm bracelets. Just visited your Etsy shop and see so many beautiful pieces..... thank you for the Thanksgiving coupon code - I'm trying hard not to shop for myself but you make it so tempting! Happy Thanksgiving! :-)