Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marsala Design Challenge Reveal

This is a very rich color to design with.  Plus, being Pantone's "it" color, I wanted to
 design some trendy pieces.  I hope I did it justice! 
I used these romantic heart charms that Andrew included in the kit as the mystery
component.  I paired them up with some of the kit beads, added antique bronze
accents, and did a fun wire wrap technique to add some zip.

I made a ceramic goddess and glazed her belly with a shiny cranberry color that
goes nicely with the Marsala beads.  I knotted the wax linen in between the bead
mix, stationed that on some rings and finished the necklace with chain and a toggle.
Now for my favorite!  Isn't this carved jade bead yummy?  I wanted it to be the focal
piece of a necklace, so I decided the best way to do that was with a tassle design. 
Here it is with some chain dangles accented with more beads from the kit.  99% of
 the jewelry I design goes to galleries, but this one might be mine!
Thank you to our host, Andrew Thornton, for another fun design challenge!  Please hop
around to all the blogs of the designers that "faced the challenge!"  If you'd like to
see more of my ceramic beads, please go to

On Andrew Thornton's Blog:
Andrew Thornton, Nancy Noyes-Ward, Donna Hoblit, Cheryl Lee Tucker


  1. Ooohhh I love your goddess necklace, but my favorite is also your tassel necklace. Love your take on the Mystery Component earrings! I am so excited to see everyone's version of their earrings. Great job!

  2. Love them all! The goddess you made is just perfect and I so love what you did with the carved jade!

  3. Love the shiny belly on that goddess! Two fantastic pieces! Way to go!

  4. Your goddess is great, and I love all three of your pieces. That carved bead was definitely a show stopper. I don't blame you if you keep that necklace!

  5. Beautiful pieces, I really love the necklace with the tassel. I'd keep that too.

  6. I love your goddess though my favorite is the last necklace. That carved bead definitely steals the show.

  7. I have really enjoyed seeing how everyone has used the Mystery Components. Even though a lot of people gravitated towards earrings, all of them are different! I think the swirl of the wire really sets them off! The Goddess necklace has such a warmth and inner fire. It has a nice balance of softness and strength. And I think the tasseled carved jade is awesome! It looks so wearable and I think the simplicity of the design really makes it all the more lovely! Perfect alone or layered! Nicely done! Thanks so much for playing along!

  8. I love how you showcased the carved jade bead in the final necklace.