Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Danse Macabre Blog Hop

I am late on this reveal....so sorry to our hostess, Lee Koopman!   Danse Macabre is.... the Dance of Death, the dance we all must make through life on our way to the grave for we all must come to the same end, rich man, poor man, begger man, thief, priest and pope.  It’s the same end for everyone.  What we do with our lives is more important than what we have or acquire so we should all celebrate life by laughing at death and the fears of “things that go bump in the night”.   

I am late because of a fantastic weekend with my husband in Key West, Florida.  Key West is rich with the spirits of pirates and sunken treasure, with history of famous writers and politicians, with alcohol flowing in the streets (and it still does) all the way to a very haunted doll who is housed in a very secure glass vault.  The town celebrates Halloween with Fantasy Fest, a very grown up costume party or lack of costume as body paint usually does the trick!

I am a ceramic bead artist so I made the sugar skull pendant and three 12mm round black beads.  I wire wrapped red, white, black and clear seed beads on jangle findings.  These have so much movement and add fullness to my design.  I used red waxed linen to knot between the matte black crystals.  This 18" necklace closes with an antique silver toggle.  I can't wait to wear it!

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  1. Michelle! I love the sugar skull and like the way you used the waxed linen. It will give some movement and extra life to the design when you wear it! It's a fun piece and I love it.!

  2. It must be a pleasure to wear your necklace, I do admire you a lot for being a ceramic bead artist...

  3. Love your focal skull and all the seed beads must look wonderful bobbing about when you wear this necklace.